Antti Koskinen- Vox-Guitar
Levin Siert- Guitar-Vox
Thomas Stieger - Bass
Bernhard Range - Drums

„Music is like a diary filled with snapshots of your life. The sad moments, the great ones and all these stories of love and loss. We want to capture these stories in our music.“ – Antti Koskinen

The story of Charter begins in 2009, when singer and songwriter Antti decides to leave London and start over in Berlin. The Finnish musician is instantly inspired by the vibe and musical scene of the German capital. Settling in his new home, music plays an important role, not only in the creative aspects of his career, but in everyday life.

„Music is an universal language, that everybody understands“, states Antti. „Whereever I lived and whomever I talked to, we always found a connection through a song, an artist we liked or at best making music with each other. It is an incredible power.“

The love for music eventually brings him together with Tilman Claas and the first idea of „Charter“ is born. But only after bass player Thomas Stieger and drummer Bernhard Range complete the quartett, the initial idea becomes a reality. With a first show in May 2010 the band introduces itself and their first songs to the public – and receives great feedback.

„Every new band, every new musical collaboration is a trial and error game“, explains bass player Thomas,“ you never know, will this work with the other band members, how is the response from the audience and will this last. It is gambling. Lucky us - We are dealt a good hand.“

After a highly successful tour with English indie-quartett „The Boxer Rebellion“, shows all over Germany and a showcase at Popkomm, the band tops their first year with a special gig on the roof of the Parkinn hotel in Berlin in 2010.

Following the release of a first EP, the band teams up with legendary producer John Fryer (Depeche Mode, HIM, Nine Inch Nails, Paradise Lost) in 2011 to finish their debut album titled „Impossible You“. The release is supported by playing various shows as well as airplay rotation for the single „Trust“. And the title track „Impossible you“ is included in the soundtrack for the award-winning film ’Weil ich schöner bin’ („Cause I have the looks“). A film based on the true story of an illegal immigrant teenager in Berlin.

After these vibrant two years, the Charter decide to invest some time in writing and experimenting with the songs for their follow-up album. They choose the Palam Studio in Palma de Mallorca to work on the new songs.

With the beginning of 2014 the band returns with a changed line-up as Tilman has left the band and Levin Siert joins them as their new leadguitarist . Armed with new songs and the hunger to go back on stage Charter prepare for another round of touring, this time with Scottish indie-rockers „Glasvegas“.

„After spending so much time in the studio, we can’t wait to get back on stage“, says Antti.“We want to share our songs with the audience. They are the reason, why we do this.“